Entry #1

Uploading Music

2010-07-12 03:34:31 by Deluxe489

After a long time of having this account (and mostly forgetting I had it), I decided to upload a few of the pieces that I've composed to here. I try to only upload the best; however, I have a few more at my Youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/Deluxe489
I've composed 41 pieces as of this writing. I'm still deciding on which ones I should upload.


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2012-01-25 11:54:07

Hey bro, the animation somewhat got into the finals (i hadn't contacted you before because y swear it was badly done..... but seems like the judges think otherwise.... anyways.... I have about 6 hours to get a full hd copy of my animation, and i was wondering as of now the credits say

"Music : "Tetris A a n Koboreiniki by Deluxe489" so, wanna let your id in the credits or do you want your full name?

Answer as fasta as you can, as i dair, the deadline is in about 6 hours, if you do answer, then i'll change your ID, to the name you give me :D

(srry about this, it was too fast, man i really thought it was badly done.... i don't understand that judges xD...)

http:// vimeo.com/32518486 <--- link btw, if you wanna see it, take the space off when writing it on the browser

Cheers bro